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5 Myths About Wedding Planners

January 25, 2022 COMPLETE weddings + events Season 3 Episode 4
COMPLETE wedding podcast
5 Myths About Wedding Planners
Show Notes

Wedding planners are a bit like fairy godmothers in heels (for our male wedding planners, please excuse this comparison).  Unfortunately, a wedding planner cannot wave a magic wand and instantly plan a couple’s dream wedding or sprinkle glitter in the air to make everyone smile, but they do have the insight and experience necessary to take the stress out of wedding planning for couples and stop them from breaking the bank.  

Many people have heard of wedding planners and what they do, but there are also many myths that circulate around the job of a wedding planner.

Let’s debunk these wedding planner myths once and for all!

1) My venue has its own onsite coordinator so I do not need to hire a professional planner.
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