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9 Wedding myths we should stop believing

May 30, 2022 COMPLETE weddings + events Season 3 Episode 22
COMPLETE wedding podcast
9 Wedding myths we should stop believing
Show Notes

So today I’m a little frustrated.  One of my girlfriends is engaged.  We were talking about the wedding planning and she broke down in tears.  After some sympathy crying and hugging it out, I finally able get my friend to tell me what reduced her to a heap of emotions.  It turns out that she found and fell in love with a photographer.  Her photos were gorgeous.  Her style was in line with what my friend was looking for and they instantly clicked.  

Sounds perfect, right?  Well it was but my friend believed one of the myths that says “don’t pick the first vendor, gown, or “whatever” you find.  Well my friend believed this myth and told the photographer that she is going to get other quotes and get back with her.  

My friend met with 4 other photographers of the span of 2 weeks.  With each consultation, she compared them to the first photographer and none of them measured up.  Finally, after that last consultation, my friend contacted the first photographer to tell her the good news but the photographer also had numerous consultations over that 2 week time span and was booked for my friend’s wedding date.

I’m not saying always hire the first person you meet.  By all means, do your research and become knowledgeable about prices and services in your area.   Also understand that there’s a fine line between being informed and just plain OCD.  Trust your gut.  If you feel this vendor is the right fit, don’t hesitate to lock them in.

This episode is all about wedding myths that you must stop believing!

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