COMPLETE wedding podcast

How to Plan a Non-Religious Wedding

April 04, 2022 COMPLETE weddings + events Season 3 Episode 14
COMPLETE wedding podcast
How to Plan a Non-Religious Wedding
Show Notes

Non-religious wedding is a unique custom which means to hold a wedding that is not under-influence of any religious ritual or tradition. Many couples opt to make their big day personal and modern at same time. It really appeals to me as it is not bound to follow any priority or set rules by any religious force.

In my opinion, wedding is completely a private affair, and you have the right to choose what may appeal you. It would still be equally enjoyable even if I may not follow typical wedding trends and traditions, and prefer holding an inter-faith or non-religious marriage.

Listen to some important tips that you may follow to arrange a non-religious wedding, and make it attractive and appealing without addition of some traditional ritual.

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